WHY WAIT !!! The Law is changing in 2016, the minimum qualifications therapists will need to obtain is a Level 4 qualification for Laser and IPL treatments. We are professionally CIBTAC accredited and you will be fully qualified after your course. We offer ENDORSED TRAINING together with accredited insurance details.

We pride ourselves on helping to maintain high standards for the public. Our clinicians experience and qualifications are based on over 14 years of using medical grade IPL technology and the Academy of Beauty Training on theory and use of Laser and IPL Technology for 8 years. We have also been accredited with the Heath Care Commission & the Care Quality Commission prior to them deregulating laser & IPL inspections. We also offer Laser & IPL rules and regulations that are personalized for your own salon/clinic.

Our mission is to improve standards of training and by doing so help to improve the reputation of the industry and uphold minimum standards for consumers. It is hoped that steps like these will help drive the industry forward and combat some of the problems that come with an unregulated industry.

Unfortunately in the last few years some overseas manufacturers have seen the lucrative potential to distribute cheaper IPL, Laser systems in the beauty and laser industry that are passed on to the consumer with very inadequate training and no subsequent after sales service. The unwary purchaser has then found it almost impossible to get insurance to operate such machines in the UK industry.

These systems are produced with limited capability resulting in cheaper prices yet achieving less, if any desirable outcomes. Also spare parts and consumables are hard to acquire and you are generally left with a system that may work at first or in some cases may not work at all once delivered with no guarantee for your money back. No Laser or IPL engineer will service these types of systems.

We offer safer, more effective yet affordable Laser, IPL and systems which are manufactured in Italy with a full guarantee and a full service contract for your systems.

This new advanced revolutionary technology combines versatility to the treatments delivered whilst minimising heating of the surrounding tissue without damaging the surrounding areas which enables the operator to vary the treatment to suit each patient/client needs. This ensures that optimum treatment results are achieved every time.

We enable our learners to gain the confidence needed to perform these treatments to work professionally and legally within the public sector.